Saturday, January 23, 2010

A Life-Long Student of Leadership

Greetings, dear ones,
As you all know, I am graduating from college this year (hallelujah!!!) This quarter, I am enrolled in one of the most difficult/interesting courses I have ever taken: Strategic Leadership.
Lord willing, I will be managing people in a professional setting in just a short year (if not before). I so badly want to be an effective and successful leader, but have a limited idea of what being a manager would look like for me personally.
So, here are few questions for you, blog readers, that I have been thinking about as I grapple with this complex topic of leadership (please share your answers!)....

What is it about certain leaders that is so intoxicating to us?

How should my my behavior change when leading Christians vs. non-Christians?

How do I want my followers to view me as a leader?

What will my leadership style be? Will I have just one?

I sign off this blog as a life-long student of leadership.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

10 Really Neat-o Things I Did in 2009.

1. Lived in, and fell in love with beautiful Firenze.

2. Discovered the brilliance of Richard Foster, and read two of his books, which changed my life: The Freedom of Simplicity and The Celebration of Discipline.

3. Proudly stood up for and watched one of my best friends get married (technically on the 1st day of 2010).

4. Tried and enjoyed lots of good wine.

5. Left my heart in San Francisco. Twice.

6. Started a garden oasis. Many good mornings were spent out on this patio sipping on coffee, reading my Bible, and enjoying our lovely flowers.

7. Chopped off all my hair!

8. Toasted to God's goodness with these 3 kindreds! And shared all the ups and downs of 2009 with them.

9. Realized even more that these lovely people are a true gift.

10. Saw God work in many powerful ways in my life. He is good and He is trustworthy- all the time!