Friday, August 12, 2011

11 Musings

1. It's Friday!!! Whenever I can't say that, I can't help but think about Rebecca Black.
Fun, fun, think about fun!

2. My mom comes into town tonight to begin the week of wedding madness! I'm practically bouncing off my office chair with excitement!

3. Jared's dryer takes over 140 minutes to completely dry a load of laundry. After attempting to do 6 loads of laundry for him, I resigned to hanging all of his clothes to dry- there were t-shirts, boxers, pants, and socks strewn all over the place.

4. Tonight, I'm cooking a yummy bow tie pasta recipe with cream sauce, peas, and pancetta. I'm also cracking open a delicioso Sauvignon Blanc from New Zealand, courtesy of my lovely colleague, Catherine! The best part? I'm eating it with 5 of my favorite peeps- my bestest Cara, Steve-O, Rach, Momma, and of course, my almost hubby!

5. I just read in the latest Oprah magazine that you should put spinach in your breakfast smoothies. Boo ya Oprah! I've been doing that for years!

6. I came home from work last night to find my house with newly installed sconces and ceiling fans, a clean kitchen, and candles lit, to boot. I am most definitely marrying the best man alive.

7. I really like sleeping on an air mattress. I've been doing that for over a week now, and I sleep like a rock. Do you think Jared would be up for trading our Cal-King mattress in for an Aerobed?

8. Rach and I watch Law and Order: Special Victims Unit every night. We have 39 episodes recorded and we WILL watch all of them. I'm always amazed by how many crime scenarios the writers can come up with.

9. I love the book of Judges. Our pastor has been teaching a month long series on it, and every Sunday I am brought back to 3rd grade Bible class. I will always remember my teacher, Mrs. Meyer, dramatically acting out how Ehud slayed the fat King Eglon.

10. Words with Friends, the iPhone scrabble game... bringing families together. My dad never responds to my texts, but when I play a scrabble move, he plays back within like 10 seconds. Might I add that he is beating me by over 100 points.

11. I'm worried that my teeth are going to get crooked. Whenever I sleep with my retainer in, come morning, I usually find it underneath my pillow. It's like those people who sleep walk and binge eat, and then wonder why they've gained 20 pounds. Except worse!

Monday, August 1, 2011


Do I look just a teensy bit happy?

(Jared says I look like big bird in this picture, but then again, men don't understand feathers, tiaras, sashes and how they really do add to the fun).

Well, I most certainly AM happy because...

1. I have the best friends and family in the world. Seriously. This weekend I was spoiled rotten by 10 of my favorite ladies!

2. I had the most amazing bachelorette party in the world.

3. I have the best fiance in the universe.

4. I'm getting married THIS month. 18 days!

5. I am moving out of my little backhouse tonight and am moving in with my dear friend Rachel for the remainder of my unmarried life. Can you say rainbow sprinkles, champagne, musical theatre duets, and P90X?

6. I came home from my bachelorette party to brand new wood floor, a newly installed stove and oven, LOTS of organized cabinetry in my new 13 foot walk in closet, several new light fixtures, cabinet doors installed with my orange and green knobs, and my handsome (and a little bit tired/sweaty) fiance.

7. 3 weeks from today I will be in my favorite place in world with my new husband- Nantucket island!

Life is sweet...