Monday, September 13, 2010

Good Bye TWC and ACK

It is September 13, which means that I leave for California in just 3 short days. What a bittersweet experience it will be to go home, yet leave a place that feels like my home. I have had the best summer of my life living on Nantucket Island and working as the dining room supervisor and wine steward at The Westmoor Club. I have worked my butt off, learned tons, grown as a professional and individual, beome more independent, seen and experienced some really cool things, and made the most wonderful friends. Here are a few things that sum up my summer:

1. Things I'll miss about TWC and ACK: the cobblestones on Main Street, all the randomly named beaches and roads (it took me at least a month to get used to names like Madaket, Dionis, Sconset, Quidnet, Polpis and Tucknernuck), Juice Bar, the breathtaking beauty of the island, Nantucket reds, my two lama friends Henry and Flin, the grey houses, my Jamaican momma, scallops, my Sunday wine tasting group, the members at TWC (especially the Kazillionis and Ott families), all the delicious restaurants, hydrangeas, and waking up everyday to work at a place and with people that I absolutely love.

2. I lived through a hurricane- Hurricane Earl! It ended up being a total spoof, but it was pretty cool to experience the hurricane preparations and the crazy wind and waves!

3. Things I won't miss about TWC and ACK: the employee caf (I will miss Franklin, though), working at least 14 hours everyday, the heinous parking down town, the obnoxious Nantucket baskets, the grey skied and rainy days, not being able to wear jeans, not having a closet, and having to make smoothies on my bathroom counter. Can you see that this list is much shorter than the other!?

4. I was privileged to participate in a truly amazing wine tasting group every week. The Abramsons and Glowackis challenged me every Sunday and made me teach them about wine and of course, blind taste. If I pass my sommelier exam, it is because of you 4! Thank you, and Sundays with you will be missed.

5. Some of my favorite memories: evenings at mousehole, laying on Steps beach with Kels and PG and somehow losing my sandal, celebrating my birthday (here's to Chuck!), Mondays with Jaym, dancing with the wedding party at RosenCrown, successfully creating a 5-course wine pairing menu, going to Boston with Kels, hiding out in the staircase when days got overwhelming, sneaking down to Beach Plum to steal smoothies, the boat ride to Toppers, and the list goes on...

6. Before I get too sappy and emotional, I must share the most significant part of my summer. These 4 people have forever shaped my life and I will miss them more than I can even express.

Jaym: Thanks for being my greatest support this summer, and for helping me understand that it's okay to be me, even when that me isn't what people expect. Thanks for our mom walks, the countless smoothies, the sleepovers, Mondays, loving me even though I'm a J.A. and for being the dearest friend I could have ever asked to meet. You are the true meaning of friendship!

JBT: I will always have a spot in my heart for this man because he is the sole reason I came to TWC and ACK. Thank you Brent for seeing something in me, for the constant encouragement and challenges, for filling up the water in the office for 3 months straight, for never accepting mediocrity, for the banter and the dear friendship that I know won't end after I leave ACK. Don't forget to send the Little Mermaid candle of the sisterhood of traveling pants :)

Kels: This lady was my sanity at work and the sweetest and most wonderful roommate. (You were the first person I ever shared a room with, Kels!!!) Thanks Kels for encouraging me to break out of my shell and let loose once and awhile :) You are so beautiful and sweet and people love you everywhere you go, including me! You have been such a dear friend and as your mom says "we will be in each others' lives FOREVER!"
See you in Cali!

PG: Thanks for being the brother I never had (or really wanted). Your humor, kindness, and talents truly amaze me everyday. I will miss your Irish temper (surprisingly enough), our fist fights, our arguments about doughnuts, running dinner service with you, driving in Prudence listening to James, and yes, even hearing you talk about the size of my head. Love you bro!

Good Bye TWC and ACK, until we meet again!