Thursday, September 8, 2011

Life As the Orozcos Know It...

Well, blogger world, it's been awhile. What's been going on in the world of Stacey Szumiak, now Stacey Orozco?

1. I've always wanted to open my own restaurant, and solely serve gourmet grilled sandwiches. Well, I have awesome best friends, and they eagerly joined me in my vision! On labor day, we created, named, and made 6 different types of gourmet grilled cheeses. If your eyes aren't strong enough to read the menu board (proof that wedding decor can be useful in everyday life), we made the following delicious concoctions: The Caprese (tomato, homemade pesto, mozzarella), The Big Cheese- yes, I named that one (pepper jack, cheddar, and mozzarella), The 'Shroom- yes, I named that one, too (mushrooms, spinach, and chicken), The Honey Bee (chicken, bacon, honey mustard), and The Jack and Jill (BBQ sauce, chicken and pepper jack).

And, we even served RC Fizz, AKA Rachel and Cara brilliance- ginger ale and strawberry lemonade!

2. We had a grown up SLEEPOVER!!! It included boys for the first time in my life, which was a plus, since one of them was my husband. Oh, and a pillow fight (although, not super fun when you're playing against Steve Gilmore), and snacks to boot!!

3. PS: I got married!!!! I could gush for hours about how perfect the day was, how amazing my husband is, how being a wife is my favorite and proudest role, etc... but, I'll spare you all.
Perhaps the expressions on our faces in the below photo will suffice to describe how we feel.

4. For my birthday, my best friends are taking me to Castello di Amarosa. Their marketing language is: "Taste Napa Valley Wine in a Castle". 'Nuff said.

Life is sweet, rich, and fulfilling, like it's never been before. The Lord sure does lavish His love on His children.

1 John 3:1