Tuesday, February 10, 2009

The Curse of State Schools

Every school quarter, when it's time to register for classes, I become a complete and total spaz. The blasted piece of paper that lists all my required courses haunts my dreams and causes me to break out in a panicked sweat. 
Registering for the Spring quarter was an especially fun experience for me- let's just say there were two, not one, but TWO pre-requisite courses I realized I have yet to take to secure my chances of graduating before I turn 30. But, the perfect solution was offered, which would cure all my problems- I could take a proficiency exam which would allow me to test out of these cursed classes. How hard can Microsoft Excel be, right?
Well, after studying all night and morning, arriving to school while it was still dark, sitting on the pavement in 35 degree weather while waiting for the test proctor to arrive, and finally feverishly pouring over the 3 hour long exam.....and FAILING by 2%, I decided that God must have a better plan for my schooling than I do. 
I know, He must be up there chuckling about what a dork of a girl he created in me. I am SO excited for the next few quarters at Cal Poly (or 10+ quarters, at this rate), because I know God must have a very intentional plan for me! :)