Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Spring To Do List...

Once again, my special affection for making lists prevails! So, what do I want to do over my spring break? Here's my (draft) spring-break-to-do-checklist.
  • Visit the Maclennan twinsies and parents
  • Shop!!! I have been craving a Nordstrom's rack trip for weeks now!
  • Go serve at the LB shelter with Ronda
  • Salsa dance with the sister
  • Connect with Nicole, Steph, Natalie & Kelly
  • Walk Kaylee-Bee
  • Set up skype so I can chat with Shea
  • Get Italy details in order
  • Palm Springs day trip with momma
  • Go to the driving range with daddy-o
  • Clean our carpets... yuck
  • Take lunch to my roomies at work
  • Finish A Tale of Two Cities
  • Cook... especially to transform the heaping pile of ripe bananas in our freezer into bread
  • Did I say relax?
To be continued...


rachel said...

Oh, your list is so inspiring, Stace! I LOVE it! I may just go ahead and create my own fun list of "to-do's".