Friday, May 22, 2009

Got Coffee?

If you're like me, and must have a daily cup of joe, but don't want to drop the $5 at your local Starbucks, try this:

This, my coffee drinking friends, is a french press. I think it is the best way to make your coffee at home.
 Just put thickly ground beans in the bottom, fill with hot water, let it "permeate", push the little filter down, and serve. 

A couple of hints:
- Don't let your water quite get to boiling- it makes the coffee bitter.
- Don't let the water and grounds sit for more than 3 minutes- it makes the coffee sour.
- The best place to purchase a french press is at Ross. They're usually about $5!

I am currently sitting at Jones Coffee Shop in Pasadena (Raymond and Del Mar)
It is quite the heaven for all you coffee connoisseurs out there!