Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Shout Wipes Save the Day!

Before I left on my European trip, I made the impulse buy of purchasing Shout stain remover wipes in bulk. I typically don't have the tendency to spill all over my clothes, but better safe than sorry, right?

Have I mentioned that Italians have a strange fascination with Shout Wipes?

Here are two scenarios in which my Shout Wipes saved an Italian's day:

#1: I was sitting at the Italian Opera, and an Italian man in a Gucci suit sat on bird poop. As he and his wife frantically attempted to clean the pants, I sneakily slid them a Shout Wipe. They went from extremely perplexed (they clearly don't have them in Italy), to grateful, as my little Shout Wipe was a lifesaver to his overly priced suit pants.

#2: Did I tell you that a fellow wine taster spilled red wine on an Italian princess? Yeah... It really happened. We were eating lunch at the personal villa of the most successful wine producers in all of Italy, and someone elbowed her red wine onto the owner's skirt and WHITE jacket. Let's just say that Shout saved us all from Italian exile!