Monday, October 12, 2009

3 Top 3 Musts..

1. Greece.
2. New Zealand.
3. Panama.

1. It doesn't REALLY matter what everyone else thinks of me.
2. Facebook and Twitter are my heart's 2 greatest enemies.
3. It's okay to look girly on the weight machines at the gym.

1. Corn dogs.
2. Vodka tonics (I'm banking on my sister's recommendation).
3. Coffee without the creamer (okay so i've tried it- but i need to learn to love it!)


SPKarenO said...

I take personal offense to Learn#2. How does the saying go? Thou protest-est too much.

Taryn said...

I love this post.
Firstly, My Pastor always talks about New Zealand passionatly & its intriging.

Corn Dogs, I dont eat meat however Chicken Corn Dogs are a deeeelicious!

Lastly, Vodka Tonics have become my signature drinks on a night out!

Just some fun facts ;)