Friday, March 25, 2011

I Am

saved by grace.
addicted to coffee.
getting married to the best man alive.
looking at a beautiful bouquet of wildflowers that the aformentioned man sent to my work- just to brighten my day!
never going to have a pet.
a mama's and daddy's girl.
pretty well-traveled for a 23 year old, but always wanting more.
a shameless wine-o.
blessed with some amazing friends.
a life-long student.
sunshine and summertime.
into any and all bright colors. jared, be prepared to have a house full of orange and teal walls :)
a strange mix of intro and extrovert
as my grandma would say, "a faceful of teeth".
never too full for dessert.
a musician.
in love with Nantucket Island and the summer of 2010.
a Christ follower who is daily learning to rely on the Lord.

My wedding photographer and friend Gladys Jem Allen inspired me to write this blog. Boom Boom!


Gladys said...

have i told you today that you make my heart go boom boom? i lurvee you! i too am a strange mix of intro and extrovert. i need to add that :) <3<3<3