Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Buffalo Soldier

Gospel choir. Sounds fun, right? I know when looking at me, one would assume that my tall, lanky, caucasian self couldn't possibly contain the rhythm or soul required to be a member of a gospel group. However, as 6 pm rolled around, and I prepared to begin my journey as a 'soul singer', I was feeling preeetty excited. My music counselor made the performance group sound like a blast, and assured me that I would be a "perfect addition". Well, you can see how flustered I would feel when I entered the classroom, found myself to be the only caucasian member, and was told that I would have to sing Marvin Gaye or Bob Marley for my audition. Let's just say that my straight-laced, white booty was out of that classroom before you could say ' Buffalo Soldier'!


Kevin Waugh said...


SPKarenO said...

does this mean you won't be doning a robe?

Wesley M. said...

I have no doubt you could have pulled it off.