Thursday, January 1, 2009

Reflections on the old year....

It is 2009. And now, as I sit in my empty apartment after returning from a solo hike in the foothills, I am pondering the past year, which has been the one of biggest change and growth in my young life. If you know me at all, or ever have read my blog, you know I have a special attachment to lists. So, here is a list of important highlights in 2008. 

1. Completing the Citrus Singer program.
I have only the most affectionate sentiments attached to the Citrus Singer Program. That 3 years of my life was hands down the most fun I have ever had. Wonderful people were met, beautiful music was made, and my soul has been molded by my experience there. I will always look back at my time at Citrus with loving nostalgia for the way that it changed my life.  So, much love to all the pivotal people there (singers, and non)- you know who you are.

2. Losing loved ones.
Over the course of 2008, I have lost several people that I love dearly; one through death, and a few through circumstance. When something once important becomes missing, it is assumed that you will only feel a void in the places where it once belonged. However, I have learned that grief is an overarching emotion that, once experienced, becomes woven into every fiber of our beings. As C.S. Lewis says, a loved one's absence is "like the sky, spread over everything". 

4. Settling Down
As my transition into "real school" has become more settled, I have really put roots down here in the foothills. This is now home to me- my roommates and our little apartment, my church, my work, and my friends that are like family. My heart is definitely divided among people in other locations, but is is nice to have that familiar and cozy feeling again.

5 . Fooooood!
This year I have fallen in love with food! I have always had a wide awareness and appreciation for all types of food (thanks, mom and dad), but my passion for food is now driving my ultimate career goals. I want to work with food everyday and am super excited about what the future holds for me in the field of hospitality management.

So much more could be added to this list... 



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Wesley M. said...

I like the new layout. Though I'm wondering where Reflection #3 went!

Stacey Szumiak said...

oh good grief... apparently my counting skills are slipping.