Monday, May 2, 2011

What's Your Wine IQ?

Hi Everyone!!

Yesterday, I was enjoying the So-Cal sunshine and flipping through magazines, and I found this fun little wine quiz in the Food Network Magazine. It is titled "What's Your Wine IQ"? and is fairly comprehensive, and asks questions about the major sectors of the wine industry.

So, for those who are fearless enough, take the quiz. I'll post the answers tomorrow, and we can compare our scores.

So if you dare, take the quiz and find out YOUR wine IQ!

1. Which is NOT a U.S. Wine Region?

A. Columbia Valley, WA

B. Willamette Valley, OR

C. Sonoita, AZ

D. Hill Country, TX

E. Estill Springs, TN

F. North Fork, NY

2. "Corked" wine smells like:

A. Tobacco

B. Plastic

C. Musty Cardboard

D. Pencil Shavings

3. Which is NOT a real wine bottle size?

A. Royale

B. Jeroboam

C. Balthazar

D. Nebuchadnezzar

4. A fungus called noble rot gives some dessert wines a desired ____ aroma.

A. Boiled Cabbage

B. Wet Hay

C. New Rubber

5. Pair the wine with the best take out food pairing:

Rose Pad Thai

Chianti Chicken tikka masala

Riesling Pizza

6. Mead is a type of wine that's made with ___ instead of grapes.

A. Honey

B. Apples

C. Berries

7. Match the country to its bubbly.

Germany Cava

Spain Champagne

Italy Lambrusco

France Sekt

8. Match the wine experts to their occupation.

Robert Parker Winemaker

Aldo Sohm Sommelier

Fred Franzia Wine Critic

9. True or false?

You should swirl red wine, but not white or rose.

10. If you find stuff that looks like coffee grounds in your wine, you should:

A. Send the wine back.

B. Strain it, or decant it slowly.

C. Shake the bottle so the grounds dissolve into the wine.

11. If you like dry, not-too-sweet champagne, you should order:

A: Extra brut

B. Demi-Sec

Come back tomorrow for the answers and see how YOU score!!