Friday, April 29, 2011

The Royal Wedding Champagne

Happy Friday, and last day of April!!

So, I was going to post about Italian wine today, and then I realized there was something much more important to blog about- the Royal Wedding!

I most certainly did not wake up at an obscene hour of the morning to watch the live feed, but I have to say that I did some thorough online research to check out all the juicy photos and video clips.

Before today's monumental event, there was countless chatter and predictions about Kate's wedding gown, how she was going to wear her hair, if they were going to get a kissing coach (they did, and it didn't seem to pay off), and on and on...

As a soon-to-be bride, of course I was interested in all those fun details, but as a complete wine-o, I was also interested to see what wine would be served at the royal reception! With their budget, the options are truly limitless.

Even girls my age remember watching clips of the 1981 (I wasn't even born!!) wedding between the Prince and the beloved Diana. All I remember is her dress and its ridiculous puffy sleeves and never-ending train. And, if we thought it couldn't get any more over the top, their wedding reception featured 1969 Krug Champagne, 1959 Ch√Ęteau Latour,and 1955 Taylor’s vintage Port.

Now, if all those wines look like a foreign language to you, let me fill you in- those are some absolutely phenomenal and priceless wines. (I guess not priceless- they were probably more expensive than all my wedding costs combined!!) Yeah, just google those babies and see what you find.

Fast forward 30 years to today's wedding. Although the beverage menu has not been released, one selection has been confirmed- the choice of champagne(the most important part!!)

Drum roll please....

Non-Vintage Pol Roger will be the official Champagne at the Royal Wedding!

Although delicious and very good quality, this is a fairly common and moderately priced champagne (you can get it for around $50).

Heck, I've even had Pol Rogers before!

Feeling a little let-down?

I'm not- I applaud the decision to purchase something high quality, with a good reputation, and all the while not too expensive. It's something I'm hoping to provide for my own big day.

Congrats, William and Kate!