Tuesday, November 4, 2008

My Ultimate To Do List...

I am absolutely obsessed with list making. Ask my roommates- my desk is covered with scraps of papers and sticky notes that remind me of my ever-growing uncompleted tasks. Here is my "ultimate to do list":

1. Become proficient at an instrument other than piano.
2. Have a garden.
3. Sponsor a child from a third world country.
4. Yearly read the Bible in its entirety.
5. Study abroad (to be completed in Florence, during Summer 09!)
6. Become a real salsa dancing queen.
7. Get married.
8. Become truly fluent in a foreign language.
9. Mend that one friendship.
10. Unspoken.

To be continued...


Kevin Waugh said...

A commendable list. I think while you are learning another instrument you should teach me piano because I have been dying to learn it for years