Wednesday, November 26, 2008

That's SO Hot Right Now...

Alright, fellow fashion followers- here are a few "must have pieces" on my shopping list for the season:

1. Peacock colors (my personal favorite)! Deep purple, blue and green are the current "hot" colors. That includes the actual peacock feather print, purple nail polish, eyeliner, etc... Don't be scared of the purple.

2. Tights. Bust out the tights with dresses, long shirts, boots, you name it. Different colored and patterned tights are popular, too.

3. Plaid. Of any kind and on any body part. On my to-get list is a red/black/white peacoat.

4. Chunky and long sweaters. Wear them with pants, leggings or tights. Both functional and fashionable.

5. Pashminas. The European trend has travelled to America! (figures) These lightweight scarves pair great with any outfit, and come in super fun patterns and colors!

So... ready, set, shop!