Friday, November 14, 2008

Two Thumbs Down

Three personal comments about the ever-so-loved hobby of watching movies:

1. I am an anomaly in the fact that I don't love watching movies. At all. My main problem is that I'm such a chatterbox that I never get through watching a rented movie (or at least get through it without my watching partner being at their wits end with my incessant blabbing). Oh, and I'm not one of those movie watchers who holds an ongoing movie commentary mid viewing. Rather, I am the person that will be watching a movie and sporadically ask what's for dinner. Word of advice- if you have a choice, don't watch a movie with me.
2. I hate Blockbuster with a passion. Tonight I was actually in the mood to rent a movie, and so roomie Sar and I walked down to our local Glendora Blockbuster store (I hate to admit that I was in my PJ's during our trip). We were all amped about our expected video choice (The Great Escape), but OF COURSE our Blockbuster failed us. Again. (We have tried renting Father of the Bride, Little Women, and many other classics, and our Blockbuster never seems to provide us with ample selections).
3. What are my favorite movies, might you ask? The first 6 I could think of are....
1. Mary Poppins
2. The Counte of Monte Cristo
3. Pride and Prejudice
4. Les Miserables
5. The Newsies
6. The Fugitive
Thanks for reading.


Kevin Waugh said...

1. I am sorry you do not participate in "cinematic adventures"
2. Do you watch LOST the same way you "watch" movies?
3. Newsies is legit!


dumb and dumber. yes i did read ur blog

Stacey Szumiak said...

no, kevin, trust me i watch LOST in hushed anticipation. if anyone ever dares whisper, i'm ready to throw a punch :)

Wesley M. said...

I know what you mean about Blockbuster. The only thing worse is trying to buy a classic film at Wherehouse. The clerk thought that "Doctor Zhivago" was a horror movie.

Kevin Waugh said...

Haha, I do the same thing! Yet I find a flaw in the logical reasoning for being quiet during a show like LOST and not being able to be quiet during a movie...
I mean, LOST is basically a very long movie. And their are plenty of movies that are just as intriguing. :)