Sunday, October 5, 2008


Has everyone heard about “ChaCha”? ChaCha is a super cool service that is sponsored by Google. All you do is text 242242, ask any question, and ChaCha will respond. No joke. Now, you can’t ask a predictive text like, “What are the winning lotto numbers for tomorrow’s jackpot”, but ask any answerable question, and ChaCha will answer. ChaCha is a real person (or people) who is hired to answer all the random questions she (he?) receives from crazy people like me (and my boyfriend, Nate). So far, between the 2 of us and our questions, we now know where Osama bin Laden is (somewhere in Afghanistan), how to kill maggots (boiling water), if pretty girls poop (of course not), how many miles are in a kilometer (.621371192), and oh so many more interesting facts. And- she (he?) knew that I teach piano and voice lessons in Cerritos. Weird. So, go on, give ChaCha a try- I promise you’ll get hooked.


"Beauty and the Blog" said...

for a second I thought you were talking about my cha cha lol....miss u love you!!!