Wednesday, October 8, 2008


I love putting my ipod on the shuffle setting for several reasons. First of all, I have so many different genres, songs, artists and albums loaded for my listening enjoyment, so I know I will always listen to a great variety (I have over 5,000 songs on my 6 GB). Secondly, I never know what sort of listening mood I will be in while driving, jogging, studying, etc., and allowing my ipod to choose for me takes the decision making out of my hands. Thirdly, I am amazed by how my little ipod can read my mind and emotions, and play the perfect songs for how I'm feeling.
The point of this blog:
While driving to school this morning with my ipod playing on shuffle, "Dandelions", by Five Iron Frenzy came through my speakers. I'm sure most people reading this have no clue who Five Iron Frenzy is; they are a Christian ska band that was "popular" in the 90's (thanks to my sister Lisa, and friend Devon, for introducing me to the band). This song, "Dandelions", paints a picture of a little boy picking dandelions as a gift for his mother. She knows that dandelions are not flowers, but are pesky, ugly weeds, but as a mother she sees to the intentions of her son's heart. This scenario is juxtaposed to our Heavenly Father. Here are some of the lyrics that popped out to me this morning:

"She sees love where anyone else would see weeds.
All hope is found, here is everything he needs.
Fathomless, your endless mercy, weight I could not lift.
Where do I fit in this puzzle, what good are these gifts?
Not a martyr or a saint, scarcely can I struggle through.
All I have ever wanted was to give my best to you.
Lord, search my heart, create in me something clean.
Dandelions, you see flowers in these weeds".

How amazing that God sees through my junk; my failed efforts, my selfishness, my screw ups, and my shortcomings.
I am so thankful that my Father does not see my dandelions as weeds, but rather as beautiful, blossoming flowers.


"Beauty and the Blog" said...

I love that song. Five Iron Frenzy rocks. I love you so much BFF