Thursday, June 25, 2009

John the Baptist Holiday in Firenze!

Yesterday was a city-wide holiday in Florence which celebrated "Saint Giovanni Baptista", or as we know him, John the Baptist. There was a "civil" soccer game (district team against district team), which was played in front of Santa Croce church. The game took place about 100 feet from our apartment, and therefore we were barricaded inside our street quadrant for most of the day. But, the most glorious fireworks show closed out our first and only Italian holiday in a lovely way.

The streets were jammed with people!

The breathtaking dusk-time view of Florence from the top of the city.

This is my roomie/latte drinking partner, Jessica!

And I thought I would miss out on 4th of July fireworks! Even better :)

The deserted soccer stadium after all the festivities finished- isn't it a little strange to see such a majestic church practically attached to the field?

All in all, it was a wonderful holiday to be had. I won't miss our Independence Day one bit! (okay, maybe that's a little white lie) =]