Tuesday, June 23, 2009

San Lorenzo Market Trip

As an alternative to our cooking class, Chef Vincent took us to the biggest market in Florence, San Lorenzo Market. Here are a couple of cool things we saw.

PS: Megs, I thought of you so much- you would have had a hay-day picking out veggies for your juice :)

These are red-shelled beans. Uncooked, the beans look like root beer jelly beans. Cooked, they become blood red.

Check out the size of that mushroom!

Beauuuutiful flowers! The roses smelled amazing, too. (Smelled them for Sarah!)

Typical Florentine tomatoes. The edges are always super bumpy- almost like a pumpkin.

Incredible squash blossoms. They are stuffed with goat cheese and deep fried here.
(We must make them at home, Mom and Dad)

REAL Parmigiano cheese from Parma, Italy. Chef Vincent said all other Parmesan cheeses (like the ones we have in the US), are like all bubbly claiming to be Champagne.

Wall of meat.

We also tasted balsamic vinegar (aged 5,10, and 20 years), honey with white truffle chunks, and nectarines with balsamic glaze. Beneissimo!


Sarah Jackson said...

Oooh, your post gave me a pang of nostalgia. Love those open air markets. And I wish I could have dived into that lovely bower of flowers...