Monday, June 29, 2009

Roma Roma Roma....

This weekend, we went on a little weekend getaway trip to the historical city of Rome. What epic things did we see?
--> The Coliseum (the place where thousands of gladiators were slaughtered for sport)
--> The Pantheon (the oldest building still standing in Rome)
--> The Roman Forum (the remains of the beginning of the Roman empire)
--> The Trevi Fountain (Salvi's breathtaking Baroque style fountain, and the place where wishes come true!)
--> The Sistine Chapel (the Pope's private chapel, and the location of some of the most ornate and famous Michelangelo frescoes)
--> St. Peter's Basilica (the incredible church in Vatican city)
--> The Pope speak! (we saw the Pope speak to 1,000's of people in 4 languages!)

There is only so much you can say with words when you have such a life changing experience.


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