Friday, June 19, 2009

Via della Brache

Via della Brache is the street I live on. Today in our language class, we learned that it means, "the street of old-fashioned underwear".
So, I live on Granny Pantie street! Not super glamorous for a romantic trip to Firenze.
Our Italian teacher, Nada, got a good giggle out of that one!


MIlaysha Negron said...

HI! Nice blog!

You moved to Italy for ever or just for a season? I moved 6 months ago to Paris...and I hope for ever :)

Keep going!

Stacey Szumiak said...

Thank you!
I am only in Italy for 1 month studying :( wish it could be longer!
Why are you in Paris?
I enjoy your blog- the photos are beautiful!