Monday, June 22, 2009

Non Si Fa...

Here are a couple of unspoken Italian food rules we've picked up on: (Non Si Fa= we don't do)
--> NEVER twirl your spaghetti in a spoon. It indicates lack of manners and motor skills. Children are the only exception to this rule.
--> Do not put parmesan cheese on everything you eat, especially something with a delicate flavor, like fish. This is highly frowned upon.
--> Cappuccinos are not to be consumed with food, other than at breakfast time. Order a cappuccino at lunch, and you'll get a weird stare from your waiter.
--> Drink your morning latte at a table before you pay, not when you order. Italians think it is dirty to handle money and food at the same time.

When in Rome....!


paul said...

love your posts Stacey! you have a real talent for writing about places, food and wine! Love you, Dad