Saturday, June 20, 2009

No Maps, No Plans

Our Venice day trip turned day trip to Siena today. I refused to allow a map in the hands of anyone who came within 2 feet of me (my theme of the day: no maps, no plans). We meandered aimlessly around Siena for 6 hrs, seeing castles, Italian weddings, villas, and forests. We ate yellow plums and figs in the rain storm, mused about Renaissance construction, drank cocktails at 11 am in a store that looked like the one from Chocolat, ate gelato several times, and discovered what manual escalators are. When an hour-long hailstorm rolled through, we sat inside a gelateria and I chatted in Spanish with a lovely couple from Madrid. We sang songs and laughed as we bonded and discovered the lovely little town of Siena. Hands down, the biggest and most wonderful adventure of my life.

Cobblestone streets of Siena mid thunderstorm.


Megan Carol said...

Woohoo!! Sounds incredible! Keep up the good work Stace. Live it up!